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By:Vollie Redic22:22:14 20/08/2017    IP: 67.1.99.***
I like these shoes a lot.
By:Jayson stemper02:41:19 23/07/2017    IP: 88.207.247.***
Can you get it in size 15
By:David C Moore Jr.14:20:53 14/07/2017    IP: 74.139.165.***
i love Them shoes are these the newer ones just drop in 2017
By:Boe virts06:19:29 14/07/2017    IP: 24.35.57.***
Is it two pair
By:Ray Ray05:04:43 14/07/2017    IP: 172.58.11.***
A get site to buy items, very trustworthy and I got my 3 pairs of shoes in reasonable time. Thanks AirJordanShoesClub!!!!
By:Robert Smith 07:28:36 12/07/2017    IP: 208.54.80.***
I want the black pair of 11
By:Wardell williams01:47:51 09/07/2017    IP: 172.58.137.***
I like them
By:Tay16:32:09 07/07/2017    IP: 172.58.6.***
I like them
By:Willie Pringle23:55:22 05/07/2017    IP: 107.77.249.***
Now I can get the Jordan's I want anytime
By:Daniel jeffries22:00:45 05/07/2017    IP: 66.87.115.***
Nice licks.
By:Thomas Jr19:58:00 05/07/2017    IP: 108.90.84.***
Do y'all have kid 2 thru 4
By:richard de la rama12:11:29 05/07/2017    IP: 99.110.242.***
i want to buy the shoes
By:Willie leake11:50:03 05/07/2017    IP: 97.81.195.***
How long it take to come back.
By:Kelvin Johnson 10:33:54 05/07/2017    IP: 172.73.74.***
Love your shoe
By:Deontey Brown10:13:55 03/07/2017    IP: 208.93.85.***
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